Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program (GHGRP)

GHGRP Supplier Highlights

For reporting year (RY) 2015, over 900 suppliers of fuels and industrial gases reported to EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program (GHGRP).

Suppliers do not report direct emissions, but instead report the quantity of GHGs that would be emitted if the fuels and industrial GHGs that they produce, import, or export each year were combusted, released, or oxidized. Emissions associated with these fuels and industrial gases do not occur at the supplier’s facility but instead occur throughout the country, wherever they are used. An example of this is gasoline, which is supplied into the U.S. economy by a relatively small number of entities and consumed by many individual vehicles throughout the country.

The GHG quantity reported by suppliers might not always result in GHG emissions, and the emissions might not take place during that particular reporting year. However, the data from suppliers provide important information on the structure and flow of products through the economy and these products may ultimately result in greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, data reported by fossil fuel and industrial gas suppliers can account for greenhouse gases emitted by the numerous sources that use these products but do not report under the GHGRP due to their low individual emissions (passenger vehicles, for example). Emissions reported by suppliers can be accessed through the suppliers section of FLIGHT.

For 2015, 961 suppliers submitted a GHG report. The majority of GHG emissions associated with the transportation, residential, and commercial sectors are accounted for by these suppliers.

Table 1: Number of Suppliers that Reported (2015)
Industry Sector Number of Reporters1
Suppliers of Coal-Based Liquid Fuels 0
Suppliers of Petroleum Products 231
Suppliers of Natural Gas and Natural Gas Liquids
  Natural Gas Local Distribution Companies
  Natural Gas Liquids Fractionators

Suppliers of Industrial GHGs and Products Containing GHGs
   Industrial GHGs
   Imports and Exports of Equipment Pre–charged with Fluorinated GHGs or Containing Fluorinated GHGs in Closed–cell Foams
Suppliers of Carbon Dioxide 139

1 Totals sum to more than 961, because suppliers that fall into more than one sector are counted multiple times.