Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program (GHGRP)

GHGRP Petroleum and Natural Gas Systems

 This sector consists of the following industry segments of the petroleum and natural gas industry.

  • Onshore Production. Production of petroleum and natural gas associated with onshore production wells and related equipment.
  • Offshore Production. Production of petroleum and natural gas from offshore production platforms.
  • Natural Gas Processing. Processing of field quality gas to produce pipeline quality natural gas.
  • Natural Gas Transmission. Compressor stations used to transfer natural gas through transmission pipelines.
  • Underground Natural Gas Storage. Facilities that store natural gas in underground formations.
  • Natural Gas Distribution. Distribution systems that deliver natural gas to customers.
  • Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Import/Export. Liquefied Natural Gas import and export terminals.
  • LNG Storage. Liquefied Natural Gas storage equipment.
  • Other Petroleum and Natural Gas Systems. Stationary fuel combustion emissions from petroleum and natural gas source categories that are not otherwise listed.
Petroleum and Natural Gas Systems Sector — Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reported to the GHGRP
(all emissions values presented in million metric tons CO2e)
  2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Number of facilities: 1,922 2,094 2,186 2,416 2,413
Total emissions (CO2e): 222.3 226.0 227.8 235.1 231.4
Emissions by greenhouse
   gas (CO2e)
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2):
  • Methane (CH4):
  • Nitrous oxide (N2O):






Totals may not equal sum of individual GHGs due to independent rounding.

CO2 emissions from the combustion of biomass are NOT included in emissions totals provided above.

Industry Sector 2015 Number of Reporters 2015 Emissions
(million metric tons CO2e)
Onshore Production 534 97.3
Offshore Production 133 7.3
Natural Gas Processing 467 58.5
Natural Gas Transmission/Compression 521 22.9
Underground Natural Gas Storage 53 1.51
Natural Gas Local Distribution Companies 177 14.3
Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Import/Export 7 0.6
LNG Storage 7 **
Other Petroleum and Natural Gas Systems 541 29.1

Totals may not equal sum of individual GHGs due to independent rounding.

** Total reported emissions are less than 0.05 million metric tons CO2e.

1 The Southern California Gas Company - Aliso Canyon facility’s actual 2015 emissions were higher than those reported to the GHGRP. The GHGRP provides well-vetted average emission factors to calculate emissions. The facility followed these GHGRP calculation methods for 2015 reporting. Actual emissions differ from those reported due to an exceptional leak event. See California Air Resource Board’s Aliso Canyon Natural Gas Leak Exitwebpage for more information.   

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