Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program (GHGRP)

GHGRP Industrial Profiles

EPA's Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program periodically produces detailed profiles of the various industries that report under the program. These profiles, available for download below, contain detailed analyses for each industry. These analyses include estimates of GHGRP coverage, emissions trends (including discussion), emissions by state, gas, and process, the number of reporters whose emissions fall above and below certain threshold values, and monitoring methods used. Each profile contains data from the indicated year back to 2011, and in some cases, 2010.

A simple summary of yearly data for each industry sector is available via the Data Highlights section of the GHGRP website, and data are available in interactive format via FLIGHT. Raw data are also available for download on the GHG Reporting Program Data Sets page.

  Industry Industrial Profile (Most Recent Year) Data Highlights (Most Recent Year)
Yearly Overview 2015 2015
Power Plants 2013 2015
Petroleum and Natural Gas Systems 2015 2015
Refineries 2013 2015

Non-fluorinated: 2013
Fluorinated: 2012

Metals 2012 2015
Minerals 2012 2015
Pulp and Paper 2012 2015
Miscellaneous Combustion 2012 2015
Electronics Manufacturing 2012 2015
natural gas and natural gas liquid suppliers icon Suppliers of Natural Gas and Natural Gas Liquids 2012 2015