Climate Change

EPA Adaptation Planning

Climate change is already affecting communities, livelihoods, and environments. In response, many federal agencies are taking action to help Americans adapt to current and future risks. EPA is facilitating climate change adaptation efforts in the United States and abroad through:

EPA is integrating climate adaptation planning into its programs, policies, rules, and operations to continue fulfilling its mission of protecting human health and the environment, even as the climate changes. EPA’s efforts complement initiatives throughout the entire federal government to promote climate adaptation planning.

  • EPA's Policy Statement on Climate Change Adaptation sets out several actions to guide EPA in building on the progress it has already made to promote climate resilience and adaptation.
  • EPA's Climate Change Adaptation Plan identifies ways in which climate change could affect EPA's ability to fulfill its mission.
  • EPA Program and Regional Office Plans detail how each office will integrate climate adaptation into its planning and work.

EPA Program Office Climate Change Adaptation Implementation Plans:

EPA Regional Office Climate Change Adaptation Implementation Plans: